ISTO Benefits

Unique benefits that set ISTO apart


Proven Expertise

ISTO has demonstrated expertise managing the unique needs of various industry consortia, trade groups, and other collective bodies over the years. From our breadth of offerings, to our skilled team, to the various industry connections and relationship we’ve nurtured, ISTO is uniquely positioned to ensure your organization’s success. As a member federation servicing the needs of the global technology community since 1999, ISTO offers industry trade groups an array of unique benefits that differentiate our organization from the rest.

Legal infrastructure

Each ISTO member program leverages the ISTO’s not-for-profit tax status while maintaining its own independent governance structure and autonomous operation.

Synergy with IEEE

One of the unique benefits ISTO Federation membership affords today’s industry alliances, is our strong synergy with the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), a world leader in standards development and a renown publisher of leading-edge electrotechnology.


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