ISTO Leadership Case Study

MIPI® Alliance Partners Executive Leadership Resource

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MIPI’s Need

MIPI Alliance, a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices, was in need of a full-time managing director.

The ISTO Solution

ISTO provides operational support to MIPI Alliance and put forth a resource to assume the duties of managing director on a full-time basis. Peter Lefkin, who had been serving as MIPI’s managing director on a part-time interim basis since February 2011, was requested by the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors to serve in the full-time role in February 2013.


Peter interfaces with the MIPI Board of Directors and membership to ensure the organization’s strategic and operational goals are met, while maintaining MIPI Alliance’s role as a leader in development of specifications for the mobile and mobile-influenced industries. With corporate memberships at an all-time high, Peter leads a team comprised of ISTO resources and contractors, including technical program managers supporting MIPI working groups, program administrators maintaining relations with MIPI members, event planners coordinating MIPI meetings and events, and the marketing and public relations team.

Peter had been serving as managing director on a part-time interim basis. As we began evaluating our need for a full-time resource, it became obvious that the answer was already in front of us. A proposal was presented by ISTO and accepted by the MIPI Board of Directors. As the mobile industry continues to evolve, and as MIPI Alliance celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary, the board of directors and I are confident that Peter will continue to lead our organization to continued success..” – Joel Huloux, chairman, MIPI Alliance

For more information, visit the MIPI Alliance website.