ISTO Formation Case Study

How technical industry groups TALQ and IMTAB became operational by joining the ISTO Federation

EDA and lighting industry groups leverage an established legal infrastructure resulting in lower startup costs and a reduction in administrative startup time

Bringing industry players together to collaborate under a framework that meets legal requirements for not-for-profit status can be an expensive proposition in terms of time, dollars and resources.

ISTO offers an enticing alternative to today’s industry associations trying to form and establish legitimate operations in a not-for-profit environment; the ISTO solution significantly reduces both costs and startup time. Two examples follow of how joining ISTO enables industry groups to get started more quickly:


TALQ Consortium

TALQ is a consortium of the lighting industry that seeks to advance a globally-accepted standard for software interfaces to manage outdoor lighting networks, such that components from different manufacturers can be interoperable with a compliant central management system.

Many of the initial members of the organization are based in Europe, but it was critical to the group’s mission to develop a truly global standard. It was recognized that by joining ISTO’s membership federation and forming under the legal infrastructure, TALQ could rapidly establish themselves as a legitimate entity.

The TALQ Consortium approached ISTO in April 2012, and legal documents to form under ISTO were approved. The founding members signed a membership agreement, and technical work began in June.

The standardization of a single interface protocol to manage various proprietary network implementations in the outdoor lighting marketplace will help in removing interoperability impediments that constrain market growth. By forming under ISTO’s legal infrastructure, we have been able to quickly initiate our technical work to achieve our goals.”  – Gerard Lokhoff, Secretary General, TALQ Consortium



Interconnect Modeling Technical Advisory Board (IMTAB)

IMTAB was founded in April 2010 to shepherd the development of Synopsys’ Interconnect Technology Format (ITF) for semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) design.  Success for the format comes only from industry acceptance by key players, so forming a broad-based industry consortium was an early objective.

By forming the group under the umbrella of ISTO’s 501(c)(6) status, IMTAB was able to take advantage of the existing legal structure and form a legal entity in less than a month, rather than the year or more standalone non-profit status might have taken.  After joining ISTO and becoming a member program of the ISTO Federation, governing documents were developed and new members were signed up within weeks.

Work started by mid-2010 and the first ITF extensions were approved by the group in January 2011, with a dozen approved to date.

IMTAB is an inclusive organization for building an open standard. We were looking to standardize the technology format for interconnect data without having the administrative responsibilities. ISTO offers the framework to accomplish this by providing an umbrella for which our members are able to discuss and exchange relevant technology ideas. Working under ISTO, the interconnect technology format, has evolved significantly for the new generation of semiconductor processes (28 nm and smaller geometries).” – Bari Biswas, Chair, IMTAB