ISTO is not a service organization; it is a federation of member programs that promote industry standards and technologies in the electro-technical sector.

  • Legal Umbrella and Insurance – ISTO provides the legal umbrella under which industry programs can be formed, that obviates the need for incorporation. ISTO works with industry programs to establish a full suite of governance documents. ISTO blanket insurance policies offer member programs general liability, directors and officer’s liability and errors and omissions liability.
  • HQ Office and Identity – Piscataway, NJ becomes your virtual headquarters with ISTO providing phone/fax services and warehousing support.
  • Strategic Assistance – ISTO equips you with the necessary tools and recommends strategies and initiatives that succeed. We have staff well versed in functioning as your Executive Director, managing every aspect of operations and communications for and within your organization.
  • Financial Administration – ISTO can handle all aspects of industry program finances, including accounts receivables/payables, tax and finance reporting, annual audits and budgeting.

The list of support goes on.

While ISTO provides the overall operating framework for its member programs, it does enable industry groups to define their unique rules and procedures (e.g., scope and nature of technical program, membership grades and dues, voting requirements and structure) to build a foundation tailored to the technology, the market, the participants, the required time-frame, and the financial and human resources available to achieve their goals.

Antitrust concerns are a factor in the standards development environment – or any time groups of companies join forces to work toward a common goal. As a result, all programs of the ISTO are governed by a rigid set of Antitrust Compliance Guidelines, to which all program participants (i.e., member companies) are required to comply. ISTO staff ensures participants are accountable to organization antitrust policies.

ISTO is a separate legal entity from IEEE and IEEE-SA. ISTO has contracted with IEEE-SA via a service agreement to provide resources to support ISTO member programs.

Since IEEE and ISTO are separate legal entities, ISTO Federation Member Programs are self-governing and can define their own policies and procedures. They do not have to follow the IEEE Patent Policy.