What kind of experience should the company have?
Has the alliance/association management company or firm been around for more than 5 years? Understand their track record, communities they’ve serviced, success rate in accomplishing their programs goals.

What is the range of services offerings provided by the association management company?
Does the alliance/association management company provide a full range of services to help organizations start, grow, and maintain their goals? 

What is the level of expertise & knowledge the company has in the industry or related field?
The management company you select should have the right experience, knowledge, resources, and hopefully an existing network to help your organization to establish credibility and help identify opportunities, roadblocks and other challenges.

Does the alliance management company have access to the right tools, resources & solutions?
The aaliance/association management company you select should have the right platforms to help management the day to day operations, to facilitate online meetings, collaboration tools and the support to help support and service the platforms. 

What about a proven track record?
When considering an alliance/association management company, consider their historic success rate. As an association or alliance management operation, there are usually goals associated with the initiation of their organization. How successful have their programs been in accomplishing their goals and initiatives?