Board Members

Janet Malasig

Janet serves as the Treasurer and Controller of ISTO and is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery and operations of the Corporate and Program Financial and Infrastructure Services.  In her position, she provides strategic leadership to the Business financial review and development.  She began her career in Public Auditing where she developed deep competencies in assurance, tax and advisory.  She [...]

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Yatin Trivedi

Yatin Trivedi is a Service Line Executive with Altran, Inc. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISTO and the Treasurer and member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). He has also served on the Education Activities Board (EAB) since 2012.

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Daniel C. Burnett

Dr. Burnett has over 25 years of experience in Web and Internet standards. As Principal for StandardsPlay, his consulting firm, Dan helped a variety of companies play the standards game, both advising clients in how they could strengthen their brand and market positions through standards leadership and representing them directly in organizations such as W3C and the IETF. Dan's introduction to [...]

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Marco W. Migliaro

Marco W. Migliaro has been involved in the development of standards and standards activities for more than 50 years. He was one of four persons appointed as a director on the IEEE-ISTO Board of Directors (BoD), once the IEEE-ISTO was formed. He was elected Chair of the BoD in 2000 and became President in 2003. He has also served terms as [...]

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Lewis Brodnax

Lewis Brodnax is presently the Chief Security Officer at GreenSky (since March 2015), an Atlanta based fintech and publicly traded company. In this role, Lewis is responsible for all aspects of physical and information security. Over the last 20 years, Lewis has held Architect and Executive level positions with companies ranging in size from early-stage startups to the Global Fortune 25. Prior to joining GreenSky Lewis spent 10 years consulting with Fortune 1000 companies building, restructuring, and maturing various aspects of their information security and enterprise infrastructure programs.

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