Marco W. Migliaro
President and CEO

President and CEO, ISTO

Marco W. Migliaro has been involved in the development of standards and standards activities for more than 45 years. He was one of four persons appointed as a director on the IEEE-ISTO Board of Directors, once the IEEE-ISTO was formed. He has also served terms as the President of the IEEE Standards Association and as Vice President of Standards Activities of the IEEE. Mr. Migliaro, elected a Fellow of the IEEE in 1988, is an electrical engineer and is one of the world's foremost authorities on the design, installation, operation, maintenance and testing of stationary battery and dc systems.

In addition to his experience in standards he has more than 45 years of experience in the design of electrical auxiliary systems for power generating stations and large industrial power systems and is licensed as a professional engineer in the United States. Mr. Migliaro has been recognized by his peers for his work in the area of stationary batteries having received the IEEE Standards Board Standards Medallion in 1988 for "significant contributions to battery standards." His Fellow citation was for "contributions to the application and standardization of battery technology for industrial and utility power systems." In 1996, he received the IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award for "outstanding contribution to the development of standards in the field of power engineering and his innovative leadership in the IEEE Standards development process."

Mr. Migliaro has published more than 40 technical papers and articles, has contributed to four books including the Handbook of Power Calculations and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers and was the Editor of the first edition of the IEEE Stationary Battery Sourcebook. He is the developer of numerous seminars and workshops in the area of stationary batteries and dc systems, which he has taught for more than 30-years. He has developed a series of computer based training modules relating to stationary battery systems with a target audience of engineers, technicians and electricians. He has been a reviewer for a number of technical books in the field of power engineering.

Mr. Migliaro is uniquely positioned to develop the technical material on this web site, given his extensive experience with stationary batteries and dc systems. He has personally conducted many failure investigations and root cause evaluations on individual cells, batteries or battery systems for major corporations and government agencies. He has been engaged as an expert witness in litigation related to stationary batteries, uninterruptible power supplies and emergency power systems. Mr. Migliaro has been involved in professional activities for more than 40 years, primarily within the IEEE. He was a member of the IEEE Stationary Battery Group for many years and is currently a member of a number of standards technical panels related to batteries, battery chargers and uninterruptible power supplies, of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. He has also served as the President of the IEEE Standards Association and was the IEEE Vice President - Standards Activities. Mr. Migliaro is listed in a number of biographical references including American Men and Women of Science, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the 21st Century, The Directory of International Biography, and 5,000 Personalities of the World.