Myron Slota

Myron Slota

Program Director, Open Power Ecosystem Expansion, IBM

Myron spent over thirty years in technology and held a variety of leadership positions including technical, program management, business development, and personnel management leading teams of engineers and managers. His career spanned silicon technology development, OEM business development, microprocessor design and development, and most recently open standards.

After graduating from Penn State University with an MSEE, Myron started his career with IBM in silicon technology and device development and worked through three technology generations where he was appointed his first management position. Myron then moved onto a new company initiative of several OEM startups to develop a business transition from a captured technology supplier to an OEM business model and included optoelectronics, memory and ASICs.

In the second half of Myron’s career, he accepted a position in Power Microprocessor Development. Microprocessors were now driving advanced silicon technology where his role was to bridge the gap between design needs with IBM’s silicon technology development. Afterwards, Myron accepted a leadership position in Power Microprocessor design where he managed and was responsible for delivering the designs for cache hierarchical memory, memory controller, fabric bus, pervasive, and processor IO. Myron’s role was also to ensure test, bring-up and debug of the microprocessor to ensure general availability. Afterwards, Myron managed the system design and development team for the next generation systems.

Most recently, Myron joined a small team in IBM that started what is known today as the OpenPOWER Foundation. This was yet another significant business change for IBM; make the proprietary Power Architecture open and available with the goal to increase the Power eco-system and increase business opportunity. Myron’s first role was to establish a system design enablement team and all the supporting collateral necessary to have ODMs and HSDCs design their own systems based on the Power Architecture. Myron then accepted an executive program management role where to this day, his primary mission is to further expand the Power eco-system through new business partners and opportunities.