First Impressions Count…Is your Welcome Kit up to Snuff?

by Michelle Hunt, Director, Alliance Management Operations – ISTO As a member organization, understanding the importance of retaining a happy and strong membership base is key. Employing a regular cadence of communications and other tactics to keep your members aware and engaged demonstrates that you are prioritizing informing constituents with ongoing dialogue, be it monthly, weekly or even daily. What’s more, [...]

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IEEE ISTO Marks 20 Years of Helping Small Groups Quickly Develop Technical Specs

The technologies include blockchain, Internet of Things, and smart cities For the past 20 years, the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization has taken on the administrative tasks involved with setting up not-for-profit industry trade groups—the sort that consortia, industry alliances, and startups need in order to develop technical standards. ISTO sets up a legal infrastructure within which each group operates. It [...]

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Alliance Building for Open Source Solutions

by Michelle Hunt, Director, Alliance Management Operations - ISTO While there is a notable increase in the development of open source (OS) technical solutions, there sometimes can also be misunderstanding and/or confusion relating to what OS is and how and why today’s technical consortia and collectives are implementing OS development models. The IEEE SA’s Open Source Committee defines open source as [...]

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ISTO Marks 20 Years of Partnering Success with Industry on Technology Development and Adoption

In January 1999, the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) was formed with a mission to serve as the trusted partner to industry in the development and market adoption of industry standards and technical solutions. Serving the entire global technology community, ISTO offers industry associations, trade groups, and consortia a means to form technical organizations and a vehicle to develop [...]

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Key Points for Starting, Building and Strengthening Industry Alliances

It’s generally accepted that alliances play a key role in the development and advancement of new and emerging technologies and that there is notable value to be achieved through the formation of an alliance. That said, organizations are sometimes challenged to come up with a start-up strategy, as well as a plan for building and strengthening an alliance after its formation. Drawing upon past and current experiences, here are some key points to consider for creating and promoting the market acceptance of technology solutions through an alliance:

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Ten Benefits of Forming an Industry Alliance

By Michelle Hunt, Director Alliance Management Operations, IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization Forming an industry alliance or any technology collective can sometimes seem overwhelming or be viewed as a tough challenge. But while there are several factors to consider when constructing an effective group, the benefits of a fully operational, engaged membership collective, all working to support a valued mission [...]

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Celebrating Wireless Power Consortium’s 10-Year Anniversary

Devices with the capability to be charged wirelessly are more and more common these days—but have you ever wondered how one mobile handset can seamlessly interact with wireless chargers from a host of different manufacturers? You can thank the members of The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for creating the Qi wireless charging standard. Qi certified devices cut the cord normally required [...]

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New ISTO White Paper – Certification Programs: Different Models That Work

ISTO has released a new white paper - "Certification Programs: Different Models That Work". A critical component of standards and specifications involves testing and certification of compliance. This report discusses why certification is such an important component of standardization and outlines the most common mechanisms by which certification is accomplished. Read Certification Programs: Different Models That Work" today. [...]

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The latest ISTO newsletter is out now

The March 2018 edition of Inside ISTO is now available. Read up on the latest ISTO member program happenings related to Smart Cities, Automotive Technology, and the Internet of Things to name a few. You can also read about our new white papers and get the results from the recent ISTO director election. Check out the newsletter now!

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Myron Slota Re-elected to ISTO Board of Directors

Myron Slota has been re-elected to the ISTO Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning 1 January 2018. Myron Slota has over thirty years in technology leadership that included silicon development, OEM business development, system design and Power microprocessor design and bring-up. In addition, Mr. Slota accepted the role to grow the Power ecosystem by contributing towards the establishment of [...]

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