IEEE-ISTO is a federation of industry consortia and alliances working on the development and adoption of today’s emerging technology solutions.

Start Your Alliance

ISTO is the fastest, smartest and most economical way to form your organization because you:

  • Are up and running within days under the ISTO’s legal infrastructure – reducing your organization’s liability and risk
  • Can leverage strategic, executive leadership and direction to help successfully guide you to your goals and vision.
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Grow Your Alliance

Once your organization or alliance is operational, it needs to be cared for and managed. For that, many turn to ISTO for:

  • Skilled and experienced staff to run daily operations.
  • Strategic leadership to help guide your executive decisions.
  • Tools and resources to effectively and efficiently collaborate.
  • Event planning, logistics and execution and much more.
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ISTO can help you facilitate the development of standards, certification and testing, and industry adoption of technology solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can support your mission and help you accomplish your goals.