ISTO Benefits

The easiest way to start an industry alliance

Getting started as an ISTO Program is as simple as signing a multi-party NDA between the participating companies. Our unique legal infrastructure makes it possible to start an industry alliance without incorporating a new legal entity. There’s no need to get a separate IRS not-for-profit status, procure organizational insurance, or any other overhead that comes with operating a legal entity. Even terminating an ISTO Program is simpler because you don’t have to dissolve a legal entity.

Some ISTO Programs operate with an independent legal entity. ISTO offers self-incorporation for industry alliances that need their own legal entity. ISTO will take care of filing the IRS forms to apply for not-for-profit status.

Starting a new industry alliance? ISTO can provide you with a variety of template agreements.

Do you need an independent facilitator to speed up the negotiations between the founders of the alliance? ISTO can find a suitable facilitator for you.

Do you need more companies participating to establish a viable alliance? ISTO can help with introductions through its network of ISTO programs and the via its IEEE network.

By far the easiest way to govern an industry alliance

The companies that participate in an ISTO Program govern their own activities – they set their own goals and determine their own governance structure. ISTO takes care of the rest.

Automatic not-for-profit status saves cost

ISTO has IRS 501(c)(6) not-for-profit status. Your program shares in that status. Immediately and without any additional paperwork.

Proven Expertise

ISTO has demonstrated expertise managing the unique needs of various industry consortia, trade groups, and other collective bodies over the years. From our breadth of offerings, to our skilled team, to the various industry connections and relationship we’ve nurtured, ISTO is uniquely positioned to ensure your organization’s success. As a member federation servicing the needs of the global technology community since 1999, ISTO offers industry trade groups an array of unique benefits that differentiate our organization from the rest.

Synergy with IEEE

One of the unique benefits ISTO Federation membership affords today’s industry alliances, is our strong synergy with the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), a world leader in standards development and a renown publisher of leading-edge electrotechnology.


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