ISTO Board ResolutionDevices with the capability to be charged wirelessly are more and more common these days—but have you ever wondered how one mobile handset can seamlessly interact with wireless chargers from a host of different manufacturers? You can thank the members of The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for creating the Qi wireless charging standard.

Qi certified devices cut the cord normally required to charge. It allows handsets and chargers to interoperate in a diverse ecosystem filled with large and small device manufacturers alike.

Founded in 2008, WPC is a group of leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries that are advancing the adoption of wireless charging technology. Having started with eight members originally, the WPC membership has grown to over 645 companies. More than 3100 products—from mobile handsets and chargers to automobiles—are now incorporating the open Qi wireless charging standard.

To commemorate this milestone, the ISTO Board of Directors issued a resolution on 8 November 2018:

WHEREAS, the Wireless Power Consortium is a group of leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries that understand the untapped potential of wireless charging, with members including leading makers of mobile phones, consumer electronics, batteries, semiconductors, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure such as wireless operators, furniture and automotive parts.;

WHEREAS, in the first 10 years since its founding, the Wireless Power Consortium has developed the Qi wireless technology used in smart phones the world over;

WHEREAS, the Wireless Power Consortium continues to develop and promote the adoption of wireless specifications in mobile, home, and other ecosystems; and

WHEREAS, these accomplishments by the Wireless Power Consortium have enabled industry to produce interoperable devices that provide safe and reliable wireless charging,

NOW THEREFORE be it RESOLVED this 8th day of November 2018,
that the Board of Directors of the ISTO congratulates the Wireless Power Consortium
on its 10th Anniversary and wishes the Wireless Power Consortium continued success in the future.

For more information on the Qi standard, visit the WPC website.