Five Reasons Consortia Thrive with IEEE-ISTO

In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, consortia play a pivotal role in driving collaboration that enables faster market acceptance of new products and technologies. Among the facilitators of successful consortia, IEEE-ISTO continues to be a key enabler. Here are five compelling reasons why consortia find success and thrive when they partner with IEEE-ISTO.

1. Industry-Leading Expertise

At the heart of ISTO’s success lies its industry-leading expertise. With more than 25 years and over 70 member programs, IEEE-ISTO brings experience, knowledge, and insights to the table, particularly concerning technology-focused consortia. Consortia benefit immensely from this wealth of expertise, gaining access to the latest industry trends, and best practices for rapid consortia formation and successful ongoing operation. The guidance provided by IEEE-ISTO helps to develop each consortium’s unique set of requirements to accomplish their specific goals.

2. Proven Track Record in Standards Development

Consortia partnered with ISTO benefit from our experience, knowledge and understanding of the creation, implementation, and maintenance of standards. This expertise is invaluable for consortia seeking to establish industry-wide norms and practices. The credibility associated with ISTO’s track record enhances the adoption and acceptance of standards developed within the consortium.

3. Efficient Operations and Administration

The success of a consortium hinges on effective operations and administration. ISTO excels in providing the infrastructure and support needed for consortia to operate efficiently. From administrative tasks to financial management, ISTO streamlines operations, allowing consortia members to focus on their core objectives. This operational efficiency is a key factor in the sustained success of consortia under the guidance of ISTO.  ISTO has a library of templates and tools (e.g., consortia bylaws, member agreements, governance structures) that consortia can rapidly adapt to their needs, avoiding the need to replicate such essential documents to alliance formation.

4. Global Reach and Networking Opportunities

Consortia thrive when they can connect with a diverse and expansive network. ISTO provides consortia with the platform to engage with industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders and round-the-clock support to assist them worldwide. This global perspective of the ISTO member base enriches the collaborative process and expands the reach and impact of consortia initiatives on a broader scale.

5. Adaptability and Future-Forward Thinking

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, adaptability is a key factor for success. ISTO helps to ensure that consortia are well-equipped to navigate changing trends and emerging technologies. The organization’s proactive approach to anticipating industry shifts and embracing innovation positions consortia under its umbrella for sustained success in the long run.


Consortia play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology, and their success often hinges on strategic partnerships. IEEE-ISTO acts as a catalyst for consortia success by supporting rapid industry formation using the ISTO 501(c)6 not-for-profit status, providing the essential ingredients of industry expertise, standards development excellence, efficient operations, global reach, and future-forward thinking. 

ISTO was established in January 1999 to meet the needs of global emerging technology alliances, industry consortia, trade associations, and other technology collectives. ISTO provides the infrastructure, support and expertise to support standards development efforts and market adoptions of emerging technologies through alliance management services. ISTO offers legal not-for-profit formation, technology association management, executive leadership, financial management, membership administration, web and digital marketing, and more to help propel the adoption of your technology through industry technology alliances. ISTO is a neutral, safe harbor for industry and government to build relationships, successfully collaborate, and fulfill your missions as a strategic technology partner.    

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