In today’s interconnected business landscape, technology consortia play a crucial role in shaping industry standards, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. However, managing a technology alliance or consortium involves inherent risks. Outsourcing the management and operational support to organizations like ISTO provides several benefits that help protect members and enhance overall success. The top 3 areas are listed below.

Legal Expertise and Infrastructure: ISTO offers a robust legal framework that underpins consortium operations and helps to reduce risks:

  • Compliance Assurance: Navigating legal complexities can be daunting for consortium members. Ensuring compliance with regulations, intellectual property rights, and antitrust laws is critical. By outsourcing to ISTO, consortia gain access to legal experts who specialize in technology standards. ISTO ensures that consortium activities adhere to legal norms, reducing the risk of legal disputes.
  • Risk Allocation and Liability Management: Consortia projects involve shared resources, joint development, and collaborative decision-making. Disagreements or project failures can lead to liability issues. ISTO’s legal infrastructure defines clear roles, responsibilities, and risk-sharing mechanisms. Members understand their obligations, minimizing the risk of disputes and financial liabilities.

Industry Advocacy and Influence: ISTO’s experience in industry advocacy helps to provide additional protection:

  • Standardization Advocacy: Consortia aim to create industry standards, but achieving widespread adoption requires advocacy. ISTO helps amplify the consortium’s voice, advocating for the adoption of standards. This influence helps members gain market acceptance and reduces the risk of proprietary solutions becoming obsolete.
  • Regulatory Impact: Regulatory changes can disrupt consortium initiatives. Staying informed and adapting swiftly is essential. ISTO can help monitor regulatory developments, keeping members informed. Their expertise helps consortia navigate changes, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks associated with legal shifts.

Efficiency and Focus: Outsourcing consortium management allows members to concentrate on technical work:

  • Streamlined Processes: Administrative tasks, governance, and documentation can divert attention from technical goals.ISTO handles administrative aspects, streamlining processes. Members can focus on collaborative research, development, and achieving consortium objectives.
  • Prompt Formation and Technical Kick-Off: Delayed formation hampers progress. Swift initiation of technical work is crucial. By forming under ISTO’s legal umbrella, consortia accelerate their start and technical work begins promptly, reducing time-to-market and associated risks.

With more than 25 years experience managing more than 70 programs, along with ISTO’s legal expertise, industry influence, and efficient processes help make us a trusted, reliable partner for technology alliances. By outsourcing management, members can mitigate risks, comply with norms, and help protect their interests. 

ISTO was established (by the IEEE) in January 1999 to meet the needs of global emerging technology alliances, industry consortia, trade associations, and other technology collectives. ISTO provides the infrastructure, support, and expertise to support standards development efforts and market adoptions of emerging technologies. ISTO offers legal not-for-profit formation, technology association management, executive leadership, financial management, membership administration, web and digital marketing, and more to help propel the adoption of your technology through consortia. ISTO is a neutral, safe harbor for industry and government to build relationships, successfully collaborate, and fulfill their missions.  

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