In January 1999, the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) was formed with a mission to serve as the trusted partner to industry in the development and market adoption of industry standards and technical solutions. Serving the entire global technology community, ISTO offers industry associations, trade groups, and consortia a means to form technical organizations and a vehicle to develop specifications, promote technologies and gain market acceptance. ISTO works with collective startups and established entities alike to provide the legal infrastructure and operational support and tools required to accomplish specific goals.

According to Joel Huloux, chair of MIPI Alliance, “We were looking for a professional service company with experience in technology standardization and discovered that ISTO possessed the complete skillset we required. Since we began working with ISTO, MIPI Alliance has grown and provides the necessary tools and support for delivering essential specifications to the mobile industry. Working with ISTO enables you to concentrate your efforts on the work at hand and to be more efficient and creative.”

The concept of the ISTO as an umbrella organization under which industry standards activities could be performed efficiently and successfully has clearly been demonstrated and the opportunities for new programs continued to grow. A unique benefit associated with ISTO membership has been the time and cost savings that can be achieved in getting a program established quickly and efficiently.

“ISTO played a significant role in our Consortium formation. We leveraged the structure and services that ISTO provides and we were able to incorporate within days. Following formation, we quickly started our BOD meetings and continued to leverage the services including on-boarding new members and managing our billing, accounting services, website creation, and many more. No doubt that without ISTO, this process would have taken months instead of days,” says Myron Slota, president, OpenCAPI Consortium.

ISTO’s support offerings, include:

“As a witness to the successful launch of ISTO 20-years ago, and seeing the organization’s continued growth helping to advance emerging technologies in line with proven standards and technology development processes, it’s been rewarding to lead a staff of committed professionals possessing expertise in strategic and tactical program management,” said Marco W. Migliaro, president and CEO, ISTO. “We’re proud of our accomplishments to date and look forward to continuing in our mission serving as a valued global industry partner throughout the entire technology development and adoption process across a wide variety of domains.”

In celebrating its 20th year of operation, ISTO can point to a solid portfolio of having served over 50 industry alliances and trade groups since its inception, some still in existence today. Its federation of programs continues to grow as ISTO adapts to new and changing market realities and addresses new emerging technologies. Throughout the course of its operations, ISTO has engaged with industry alliances and trade groups and affiliated technologies, including:

  • Telecom/mobile interfaces
  • Internet of things
  • High performance computing
  • Wireless power charging
  • Datacenter networks optimization
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • eHealth
  • Integrated voice response
  • Electronic design automation (EDA)
  • Lighting
  • Smart cities

Whether you’re starting an initiative, or planning to grow your existing alliance, ISTO can get the job done.