A word from from Peter Leftkin, Executive Director of MIPI Alliance, in reflection of its 20 year anniversary:

MIPI Alliance is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. This significant milestone was commemorated during the 6-10 March Member Meeting in Lisbon, and we were happy to include Joel Huloux, Oliver Gunasekara, Risto Savolainen, and Tom Vial, who represented founding companies STMicroelectronics, Arm, Nokia, and Texas Instruments, respectively, when the Alliance was established in 2003. Each was present in London in October 2003 when ISTO’s winning proposal and supporting presentation were delivered to provide support for the newly formed organization.


During the Opening Plenary, these representatives of the Founding member companies participated in a panel discussion to share stories of MIPI’s early years, the formation of the Alliance and a few of their fondest personal memories. Unprompted kind words and recognition of ISTO’s partnership and successful support of the Alliance over the past 20 years were raised at different times during the Opening Plenary session, which I facilitated. Additional details and photos from the session and the member meeting can be found within a blog post titled “Member Meeting #62 Focuses on Specification Advancement, Membership Achievements and MIPI Anniversary”

As MIPI celebrates its 20-year anniversary, we would like to also recognize the long-standing relationship between MIPI and IEEE-ISTO since MIPI’s formation in 2003.

Thank you to everyone involved who has been a part of this wonderful relationship.

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