Certification Programs: Different Models That Work

Author: Norman E. Shaw

A critical component of standards and specifications involves testing and certification of compliance. This report discusses why certification is such an important component of standardization and outlines the most common mechanisms by which certification is accomplished.

White Paper - Certification Programs: Different Models That Work

The Importance of Standards

Author: Norman E. Shaw

This white paper provides a historical perspective on the development of standards. The paper is meant to provide the reader with background on the economic motivation for standards and introduce the concept of the Standards Development Organization (SDO). The paper outlines how consensus-based processes have led to a breadth of standards in most aspects of human endeavor and how these standards have driven innovation and markets. The paper finishes with a short discussion on the technology disruptors hat have changed the standards landscape over the past 10 years and engages the reader in a discussion of how standards development might evolve to meet the challenges of these new technologies.

White Paper - The Importance of Standards

Emerging Technologies and the New Face of Standards

Author: Norman E. Shaw

The purpose of this paper is to specifically outline activities outside of the traditional standards development path that have been brought to bear to develop standards in today’s technical environment. This paper specifically investigates non-traditional standards initiatives (e.g. Blockchain and Open Source). The report focuses on how traditional collaborative mechanisms can be used for the development of these new technologies, while maintaining the consensus-based processes that have made standards development a cornerstone of human progress over many generations.

White Paper - Emerging Technologies and the New Face of Standards