TALQ Consortium

Website: http://www.talq-consortium.org/

The TALQ Consortium aims to promote the application of outdoor lighting network systems by delivering and governing a well-defined software protocol specification for the interface between central management systems and outdoor lighting networks and by managing a promotion, certification and compliance program. This will enable a single user interface for customers to manage their outdoor lighting infrastructure, enable second-source supply of interoperable systems, and stimulate market growth by fostering competition. The software protocol specification will be independent from the various physical communication technologies in existence today (e.g. wireless, power line, etc.) and will be able to accommodate future standard enhancements.

Program News

City of Stockholm Joins TALQ Consortium (Press Release)
Date: 02 Mar 2020

Date: 10 Feb 2020

Wide adoption of the TALQ Smart City protocol (Press Release)
Date: 13 Aug 2019

Certification tool for Smart City Protocol approved (Press Release)
Date: 26 Jul 2019

The Smart City industry gets ready for TALQ certification (Press Release)
Date: 02 Nov 2018

The key to interoperability in Smart Cities (Press Release)
Date: 07 Aug 2018

The Smart City Protocol ready for Implementation (Press Release)
Date: 20 Jun 2018

TALQ Version 2.0: The Smart City Protocol (Press Release)
Date: 16 Mar 2018

Enabling Smart Cities to Smarter Lighting Tenders (Press Release)
Date: 08 Mar 2018

Smart Lighting sets Standard for Smart Cities (Press Release)
Date: 13 Nov 2017

Smart City Protocol on its way (Press Release)
Date: 02 Nov 2017

Smart Street Lighting Products Getting Ready for Global Standard (Press Release)
Date: 15 Mar 2017

Perfect Priming for Smart City Expansion (Press Release)
Date: 23 Feb 2017

Smart Outdoor Lighting goes Smart City (Press Release)
Date: 11 Aug 2016

Smart Tendering for Future-proof Street Lighting Systems (Press Release)
Date: 10 Mar 2016

Global Standard for Outdoor Lighting Control Getting Ready for Launch (Press Release)
Date: 16 Dec 2015

TALQ Consortium publishes Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders (Press Release)
Date: 28 Jul 2015

Standards will futureproof intelligent outdoor SSL deployments (Media Coverage)
Date: 12 Jul 2015

Two New White Papers About the TALQ Specification Published (Media Coverage)
Date: 01 Apr 2015

TALQ Specification approved! (Press Release)
Date: 14 Aug 2013

TALQ Consortium welcomes General Electric Lighting as Regular Member (Press Release)
Date: 07 Jan 2013

TALQ Consortium welcomes OSRAM GmbH as Regular Member (Press Release)
Date: 05 Nov 2012

TALQ Consortium welcomes Sinapse Energia as Regular Member (Press Release)
Date: 13 Sep 2012

TALQ Consortium welcomes Telensa as Regular Member (Press Release)
Date: 05 Sep 2012

TALQ Consortium welcomes Hubbell Building Automation as Regular Member (Press Release)
Date: 17 Aug 2012

New consortium to drive standardization of a management software interface for managing outdoor lighting networks (Press Release)
Date: 20 Jun 2012