WAVE Consortium Website: https://waveconsortium.org

The mission of WAVE is to transform the SATCOM industry towards a fully interoperable ecosystem by using intelligent, open, and virtualized networks and providing standardized architectures and specifications.

Imagine the WAVE consortium as the application store and smartphone of the SATCOM industry, revolutionizing how satellite communications operate. Just as app stores have enabled smartphones to become versatile tools capable of adapting to countless needs through downloadable applications, WAVE empowers satellite communication networks with unprecedented flexibility and innovation. Through its standards for virtualization, WAVE allows operators to seamlessly integrate and update a wide range of waveforms and applications, transforming rigid, hardware-dependent systems into dynamic, software-driven environments.

WAVE offers operators key advantages by eliminating vendor lock-in and fostering software adaptability, which, in turn, compels vendors to innovate. Key benefits include:

  • Freedom: Operators gain autonomy with no vendor lock, benefitting from a flexible software migration path that enhances operational agility.
  • Performance/Cost: It enhances spectral efficiency and optimizes system performance, reducing total ownership cost.
  • Modern Ecosystem: WAVE promotes an ecosystem ripe for innovation, with waveform virtualization and high-performance, portable computing solutions adaptable to changing demands.

Program News

WAVE Hello to the Revolution: Inaugural Member Meeting (Press Release)
Date: 27 Mar 2024