Alliance Operations

Once your alliance or collective body is operational, it needs to be cared for and managed. While volunteer participation is necessary for organizational success, it cannot be counted on to ensure your group runs smoothly and effectively.

For that, many organizations turn to ISTO. They rely on our skilled and experienced staff to run daily operations so that your members can focus on initiatives that support your group’s mission.

Once incorporated into the ISTO Federation, our skilled management team works closely with you to understand your requirements. A program team of professional, experienced staff is assembled and dedicated to fulfill those needs with high-quality operations support. The team’s work is defined in a Statement of Engagement (SoE), a “living” document that evolves as your Program’s needs evolve. Your group is assigned a Relationship Manager who serves as your primary point of contact, and who works within ISTO to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Relationship management begins before your group enters our Federation and extends long after your organization has successfully accomplished its goals.

ISTO offers the following operations support: