Board Secretariat & Committee Support

Serving as your organization’s record keeper

Maintaining your organization’s records, meeting minutes, and relevant governing documents is an essential task. As your Board Secretariat, ISTO serves as your Program’s custodian, performing all these duties as mandated to the office of Secretary under the General Corporation Law of Delaware.

Board Secretariat functions include:

  • Certifying/storing all active Program governing documents including Bylaws, member agreements and IP Policies
  • Maintaining all meeting minutes of a program’s governing entity (Board, Steering Group, etc.)
  • Advising Program members of all results of any Director or Board elections
  • Managing Program member rosters
  • In essence, performing all duties outlined in a Program’s Bylaws and/or duties assigned by program governing entities.

Maintaining Momentum in Your Work Groups and Committees

Most work product in a collective organization is delivered at the work group and/or committee level. Maintaining momentum in these subgroups is essential. Work groups and committees require more than members. They require engagement and ownership from those participants, focus on tasks and timelines, and ultimately a productive methodology that ensures delivery of a final work product.

ISTO partners with work groups and committees to draft group charters, schedule regular work meetings, and follow up on work group/committee actions to ensure that momentum on work product delivery is maintained at all times. ISTO also provides technical project management of various work groups and one off projects, as required.