Membership Management

The Skilled Front line to Your Members

A trade association is nothing without its members. Thus, the value of reliable and accurate information about your members is essential to the health of your group. But more than just data, effective membership administration is making sure that the members of your organization (new and renewing) receive exceptional customer service and are perpetually encouraged to get engaged in your group.

ISTO takes pride in the excellence of its membership administration for Programs. As it provides the following:

  • Fielding/tracking of inbound membership issues/inquiries/membership agreement processing
  • New Member on-boarding
  • Membership dues follow-ups and recruitment
  • Membership renewal/upgrade/downgrade/suspension/termination processing
  • Maintain membership/participant database of current member contact information for accurate rosters
  • A monthly Membership Scorecard detailing all members of the organization, their membership level, and their payment status
  • Complete back-office support.

F2F Member Meeting Support

While an increasing amount of work within associations is done via online collaboration, it is still rare for an industry group to realize significant advantages without face-to-face meetings. While such meetings are essential, they do not happen on their own. A well-run meeting is the product of a lot of hustle and planning behind the scenes – an area in which ISTO has considerable experience and reputation. Whether it’s a small Board meeting at a remote location, or an all-members meeting in the heart of a major city, ISTO handles the details.