Standards/Specification Development

While not all industry alliances develop standards, ISTO and many of its its member programs have developed technology standards and specifications over the years that have been widely adopted in industry today.

ISTO works with its member programs to set their own methodology to develop a standard or specification. Typically, this process is codified in the program’s operating Bylaws, and ISTO is there to ensure their strict compliance.

When you develop standards/specifications in a collaborative environment under the ISTO Federation, your organization is able to control the quality, cost, and timing of the delivery of your standard / specification to the marketplace. ISTO uses its experience in collaborative standards setting to guide you along the way, ensuring successful initiatives from the development of a standard to its market acceptance.

And our relationship with the IEEE, an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) in the field of electrotechnology, enables opportunities for possible synergies with the formal IEEE standardization process, if desired.