Legal Infrastructure


ISTO’s legal infrastructure save’s today’s industry groups time, money, and resources in establishing themselves as functioning not-for-profits.

ISTO is a federation of member programs. We focus on the advancement of technologies that expand ecosystems in industry. Member programs of ISTO share in the governance of our organization. In return for membership dues and shared common costs, each of our programs is afforded the unique opportunity to leverage the ISTO not-for-profit tax status while maintaining its own independent governance structure.

Benefits of ISTO Federation membership include:

  • Infrastructure – ISTO is a member organization of industry alliances and trade groups. By joining the Federation, member alliances benefit from ISTO’s legal umbrella under which the not-for-profit status can be shared. This enables organizations to form in a matter of days at a dramatically reduced cost. By joining ISTO, the guesswork from submitting an application to the IRS for not-for-profit status is removed.
  • Liability Insurance/Indemnification – ISTO carries a comprehensive package of insurance policies (renewed annually) to cover all member programs organized under its legal umbrella.
  • ISTO Membership – Voting members of an ISTO Program may nominate and elect ISTO Board of Director candidates. Further, Program stakeholders may participate in cross-program activities such as the ISTO Program Leadership Caucus and the ISTO Annual Member Meeting.
  • Independent Formation – If preferred, ISTO can manage the self-incorporation of any member program and oversee the submission and filing of IRS forms for applying for not-for-profit status.