PISCATAWAY, N.J., 13 January 1999 — The IEEE has launched an independent, notfor-profit corporation offering industry innovative options and flexibility in standards development. The new IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization also provides a forum for post-development standards activities including marketing, accreditation, certification, branding, and conformity assessment.

The new organization is an affiliate and complement to the existing IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). Together, these two organizations enable the IEEE to offer an unprecedented level of choice through a complete menu of standards activities and services.

“This initiative is a major step forward in the IEEE commitment to addressing the needs and expanding the ways in which we work with industry,” said Daniel J. Senese, IEEE executive director.

According to Andrew Salem, Industry Standards and Technology Organization president and CEO, the new organization was developed to meet the needs of such industries as telecommunications and information technology that have rapid product development and marketing cycles.

“These industries have clearly signaled the demand for alternative processes and services by forming numerous alliances to develop specifications,” said Salem. “This IEEE initiative provides industry groups with a stable platform from which standards and related programs can be developed to meet product schedules, and have the instant global recognition associated with the IEEE.”

The IEEE-SA standards development process is governed by prescribed principles of consensus, due process and openness. Many industries continue to require standards developed in accordance with the full IEEE voluntary standards process. The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization, on the other hand, provides a new infrastructure under which development processes and related activities can be tailored to the technology, market, and participants, among other factors. Through the close organizational connection to the IEEE-SA full consensus process, the new organization also will permit industry groups that so choose to accelerate entry into and through that process when desired.

“The IEEE is uniquely positioned to establish new methodologies and means for producing standards using its proven technical and organizational assets as a foundation for continued quality and much needed services,” said Richard Holleman, Director of Standards, IBM Corporation.  “The formation of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization demonstrates the IEEE’s commitment to provide valueadded services that will meet the standards development challenges and needs of industry today and in the future.”

The IEEE has more than 330,000 members in over 150 countries. It promotes the development of electrotechnology, information technology, and allied sciences and the application of those technologies for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well being of its members. For more information, visit the IEEE web site (http://www.ieee.org/).

The IEEE-SA (http://standards.ieee.org/) is a world leader in the development and dissemination of voluntary, consensus-based industry standards involving today’s leading-edge electrotechnologies. The IEEE-SA supports international standardization and encourages the development of globally accepted standards.  For additional information on the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization, contact Peter Lefkin at , or 732-562-3802.