President, OpenCAPI Consortium

ISTO played a significant role in our Consortium formation. We leveraged the structure and services that ISTO provides and we were able to incorporate within days. Following formation, we quickly started our BOD meetings and continued to leverage the services including on-boarding new members and managing our billing, accounting services, website creation, and many more. No doubt that without ISTO, this process would have taken months instead of days.

Chair, Wireless Power Consortium

We were looking for an option that would allow our members to quickly start on the technical work.  By joining IEEE-ISTO, we did not have to worry about issues, such as legal incorporation, or carrying a large overhead, that accompany creating a consortium.  IEEE-ISTO support staff is easy to work with and is very effective at keeping track of our day-to-day finances and operations allowing our members to concentrate on developing the specifications, and on developing their businesses.

Executive Director,

Trying to manage a program on your own is way too much work and effort – especially for a non-profit.  It’s much better to work under an umbrella organization, like IEEE-ISTO, that can provide out-of-box materials and best practices, as well as appropriate processes and procedures on the back-end to handle the various issues of membership and financial management.  The infrastructure and processes IEEE-ISTO has in place to manage our day-to-day activities saves considerable time and resources and lets the program focus on the core deliverables its community requires.

Chair, MIPI Alliance

We were looking for a professional service company with experience in technology standardization and discovered that IEEE-ISTO possessed the complete skillset we required.  Since we began working with IEEE-ISTO, MIPI Alliance has grown and provides the necessary tools and support for delivering essential specifications to the mobile industry.  Working with IEEE-ISTO enables you to concentrate your efforts on the work at hand and to be more efficient and creative.

IMTAB is an inclusive organization for building an open standard.  We were looking to standardize the technology format for interconnect data without having the administrative responsibilities.  IEEE-ISTO offers the framework to accomplish this by providing an umbrella for which our members are able to discuss and exchange relevant technology ideas. Working under IEEE-ISTO, the interconnect technology format, has evolved significantly for the new generation of semiconductor processes (28 nm and smaller geometries).

Secretary Genera, Zhaga Consortium

The Zhaga Consortium is addressing requirements from an industry going through a major transformation and which is characterized by rapid cycles of innovation. To conduct our technical activities effectively and efficiently, it is important that we can partner up with a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner. IEEE-ISTO takes care of member management and financial governance, and does so in a professional, agile and pro-active manner. As our member companies are relieved from operational concerns, they can focus on developing technology solutions that bring value to the fast-moving lighting industry.