PISCATAWAY, NJ 6 April 2021 – The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), an International Federation of leading industry groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of standardized technologies for the benefit of industry, today announces the formation of a new Federation member Adaptive Instructional Systems Consortium or AIS Consortium.

This newest community was formed to help the adaptive instructional systems ecosystem grow and gain momentum through the promotion of AIS solutions via conferences and programming, the development of an OS repository for AIS solutions, and a certification and evaluation program.

“The formation of this program will help bring together interested stakeholders to help build a network of collaborators to influence AIS capabilities in the marketplace for the benefit of AIS consumers,” said Marco W. Migliaro, ISTO president and CEO. “ISTO is excited to be a partner to the AIS Consortium in their efforts.”

“The AIS Consortium’s mission is to promote the development and adoption of effective AIS solutions and to support the industry and organizations that produce them. To this end, we are enthusiastically advocating for our members and building capabilities to move our industry forward” said Dr. Robert A. Sottilare, Chairman of the AIS Consortium Board of Directors. “We believe a rising tide raises all ships and are looking forward to a shared vision of the future where our AIS solutions are the trusted, best-in-class tools of educators and trainers everywhere.”

Since its inception in 1999, ISTO has partnered with 50+ international industry groups providing the legal and operational frameworks and best practices required to accomplish technical missions quickly and cost-effectively.

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