ISTO conducts yearly satisfaction surveys to hear how we are doing, where we can improve, and identify new needs of our member programs. ISTO’s commitment to member satisfaction is realized in our 96% average rating from our member programs over the past 6 years*–well above the overall trade association average of 80%.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we strive for member satisfaction:

  1. Loyalty: Loyalty indicates that members are happy, engaged advocates for our organization. While gaining new members is a worthwhile investment, keeping the ones we have is of utmost importance. ISTO’s dedication can be seen in the number of member programs that have been part of our federation throughout their long, healthy life-cycles. 
  2. Communication: If our members are unhappy with something and we don’t address it, it will eventually go away–along with the member. Listening, understanding and addressing issues are some of the best ways to provide great service. If your members know you are listening and actively addressing their concerns or issues you’ll have a happy and loyal member. Don’t take them for granted. 
  3. Differentiation: Providing outstanding service helps us stand out from the crowd, giving us an edge over the competition. Anyone can provide support and when it comes down to it, contract terms can be negotiated. However, knowing how we treat our members and invest in their success, it increases the value our organization offers, especially when the need for support is long term. Wouldn’t you want to partner with someone that listens and wants to make sure you are happy and satisfied? 

How well do you think your organization would measure up if you asked your customers how happy they are? Ensuring our members are having experiences that make them feel good about doing business with our organization–and want to continue to do so–is critical to our success. 

ISTO’s focus on member satisfaction–from the support we provide to the tools and resources for our programs–are all important pieces in providing great service. 

Hear what our programs say about ISTO.  


  • IEEE-ISTO Member Research Findings 2/12/2020 – McKinley Advisors