ISTO’s LaSAR Alliance article featured in IEEE Spectrum Magazine

Tiny Lasers Could Finally Bring Us Really Smart AR Glasses Post–Google Glass, a new alliance says it has the winning tech When Google Glass debuted almost a decade ago, augmented reality (AR) wearables seemed poised to take off. Smart glasses let users surf the Internet; access maps, calendars, and other apps; and even call up recipes. Users could simultaneously interact with [...]

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Recognizing Three Program Milestones: OpenCAPI, Zhaga and PWG

ISTO would like to formally congratulate the following programs for their continued success and efforts to develop technologies that remain current/relevant in today’s world. OpenCAPI Consortium – Cheers to 5 Years The OpenCAPI Consortium continues making great strides in releasing specifications.  The Consortium released four new specifications and four new engineering notes in addition to two updated specifications.  All these documents [...]

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How Keyboard Shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste Became Standards

Contributed by Bill Narin, Global Business Development, IEEE-ISTO Hundreds of millions—perhaps billions—of users around the world have the keystrokes command/control x, c, and v encoded in their muscle memories to perform cut, copy and paste operations. How did this happen? The nearly universal adoption of today’s cut, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts is the result of a combination of breakthrough innovations [...]

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There are Standards…and There are Standards

Contributed by Bill Rubin, Senior Manager ISTO   The benefit of standards for developing products and processes across industries is well understood.  Wikipedia ( defines a Technical Standard  as an established norm or requirement for a repeatable technical task. It is usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes, and practices. Standards have become critical over time because they provide significant [...]

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Hybrid Meetings that Work: Tips for Your Successful Event

by Michelle Hunt, Director, Alliance Management Operations, ISTO  Industry events that combine LIVE and digital components for in-person and remote audiences are what we now call the “Hybrid Meeting” or “Hybrid Event.” And while Hybrid events were conceived in direct response to travel restrictions during a worldwide pandemic, with the advancement of streaming and digital meeting technologies and the flexibility they [...]

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A Look Back: The Evolution and Impact of ATM Networks

Contributed by Bill Narin, Global Business Development, IEEE-ISTO We owe the convenience most of us take for granted when we use automated teller machines to a half century of technology innovations and to the efforts of the many banking industry alliances that formed to promote adoption of those innovations. When it comes to the creation and evolution of the ATM itself, [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts for a Not-for-Profit Alliance Board of Directors

Oftentimes in forming an industry collective such as a not-for-profit alliance or consortium, your Founders will comprise your initial governing entity. Governing entities can take the form of a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee, a Steering Group or so forth. And your governing body will schedule meetings, prepare agendas, vote on initiatives and lead your organization. However, did you know [...]

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To Incorporate Or Not to Incorporate…That is the Question!

by Michelle Hunt, Director, Alliance Management Operations Step One: The Collaboration Concept Today’s need to deliver continuous innovation in global markets has most high-technology companies understanding the benefits of forming strategic not-for-profit alliances to provide product/technology solutions. Through a membership structure of ecosystem members, industry collectives generate significant benefits for members like: a) Extending product lines and portfolios b) Influencing standardized [...]

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The IEEE SA Corporate Program: Engaging Industry in Standards Development

by Robby Simpson, PhD, System Architect, GE’s Grid Solutions and IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group Chair In the world of standards development, there exist a variety of participation methods. Some utilize the individual method, where each participant represents, acts, and votes on behalf of themselves. Others utilize a nation-state method, where each nation is a participant and representation and voting occur [...]

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3 Reasons Why Member Satisfaction is Important to ISTO

ISTO conducts yearly satisfaction surveys to hear how we are doing, where we can improve, and identify new needs of our member programs. ISTO’s commitment to member satisfaction is realized in our 96% average rating from our member programs over the past 6 years*--well above the overall trade association average of 80%. Here are the top 3 reasons why we strive [...]

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