Digital Illumination Interface Alliance

The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) is an open, global consortium of lighting companies. Its main aim is to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on IEC 62386, the international standard for digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) technology.

DiiA was established in response to industry requests for an independently-verified certification program that covers the functionality specified in the latest version of the IEC 62386 family of standards.

Product certification by DiiA brings the promise of significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared with the current DALI systems in the market.

Note: DALI is a registered trademark of ZVEI.

Program News

First DALI-2 devices certified by DiiA (Press Release)
Date: 10 Oct 2017

DALI-2 certification launch brings improved interoperability to DALI lighting-control systems (Press Release)
Date: 29 Aug 2017

DiiA acquires DALI trademarks (Press Release)
Date: 09 Jun 2017


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